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This cryptocurrency altcoin trade bot is called Tradesanta. The platform automates simple strategies that have worked for years and years. Tradesanta is a cryptocurrency bot that will let users trade automatically in different kinds of cryptocurrencies and altcoins. The Tradesanta platform can be seen as a ‘Bot as a Service‘ (BaaS) system. Now you can make your own crypto Bot! Get this Completely Open Source Bot which support popular strategies like Sell High (Trailing sell), Buy Low (Trailing Buy), Grid Bot (Grid Trading) what is very important in such volatile Market like Crypto.

This is the most basic grid trading strategy, all black-box trading bots use it. Trending grid requires the knowledge of technical indicators and how to backtest them. With a trending grid strategy , you use a technical indicator to define the limits of your grid. With a flat grid strategy , you set up your order grid between two price levels. This bot is most suitable to trade altcoins. With the algorithm of this trading bot this platform will enable you to take advantage of crypto market fluctuations.

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imageYou are now ready to set up your first strategies and trading pairs. You do need to properly adjust how much the bot can use. For this, Trade Santa has videos and explanations on the site. The default settings on any programmed strategy can be used. When using a done-for-you grid bot like 3commas, you will need to decide on the grid limits by yourself.

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