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No minimum payout threshold too. Also Detailed statistics about your Referral performance . A generous incentive for our trusted partners .Receive 10% Bonus on each purchase of MetaBots subscription by your Referrals . If you don’t have the Telegram app, then the next best way to get in touch with us is by shooting us an email to: [email protected] . 1) If you have an account on the Telegram messaging app, then the best way to get started is to send a quick message to our admin: @MYCSupportBot to get a good idea of the kind of service that we offer.

Once your email arrives in our inbox, a member of the MYC team will then walk you through everything that you need to get started. We also recommend joining our free crypto signals group, MYC Signals. High Frequency Trading Bot Using Artificial Intelligence 100% Automated Algorithms For Kucoin Every Market Moment User-Friendly Interface , Easy To Setup Bots Without Any Coding Knowledge Copy Top Traders & Earn Maximize Profit.

Due to the inherent risks associated with Cryptocurrency you should seek Independent legal or financial advice to understand the nature of your position. Prices may fluctuate on any given day and due to such fluctuations you may lose some or all of your investments. Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading is extremely volatile and you could lose all your capital in the process. The investment in cryptocurrency involves a significant amount of risk and you should understand all implications involved.

If not, you’ll be informed of an error. Your internal name is for your use only: Zignaly permits you to create any number of KuCoin accounts, so the internal name is to help you tell them apart. Zignaly will attempt to connect to your KuCoin account with the access provided, and if it’s a success, you’ll be presented with a confirmation message. The major advantage of joining a crypto trade bot signals group on Telegram is that these traders dedicate their time analysing trading charts to identify profitable trading opportunities.

This frees up your time, as you will not have to constantly watch the charts, as it will already been done for you. This means that if you are able to join a reliable and consistently profitable crypto signals group on Telegram you will be able to grow your money passively. 2) MYC Signals offers 2 premium channels for crypto trading signals: MYC Binance Futures Signals VIP and MYC BitMex Signals VIP . Membership to these groups can be paid via cryptocurrency or card at the payments page.

Number of Subscribers: 35K Focus/Description: Provides crypto calls on the Binance Futures and BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges, and also educational content on cryptocurrency trading. Approximate Post Rate: 5+ signals per day. Earlier in January, the KuCoin exchange announced that it had reached a milestone of 10 million registered users, a factor that propelled it to the top 3 exchanges on the market. Visit the KuCoin official website for more information. As a crypto trade bot trader, you might have heard of KuCoin (and the KuCoin trading bot) already — it’s one of the largest exchanges in the industry.

It’s no surprise its volume exceeds 25 million USD each day.image

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